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What is end of tenancy cleaning

One of the last things on your mind when you're about to move to a new property is the cleaning of the one you have been living for the past few months or years. This is understandable as there's a ton of work that needs to be done for you to be able to settle in your new home, but if you wish to reclaim your security deposit from your previous landlord in full, a proper end of tenancy cleaning needs to take place. In order to get the property cleaned well, you'll either have to exert some elbow grease or ideally you'd use the services of a cleaning company that specializes in a a service called end of tenancy cleaning. Although the law doesn't require you to get a professional company to perform this service, most landlords will have a clause in the contract that requires the professional touch of people that specialize in the service.

What is the cost of an end of tenancy cleaning in London

Based on a recenty study done by the money saving experts at moneysavingexpert.com the average price of an end of tenancy cleaning in London is about 239 pounds. This price is calculated based on over 30,000 quotes taken from various end of tenancy cleaning providers in London and it's not related to a single type of properties. The are are single studios in London and there are 5 and 6 bedroom houses in the city, but the average household lives in a 2 bedroom apartment or a semi-detached house according to this recent study found here. The average rent costs for a 4 bedroom house in London is approximately 2500 pounds and most landlords require a deposit of 1x or 1.5x your monthly rent, so the deposit you'd be having at stake would be around 2500 pounds. Compared to the average end of tenancy cleaning price for a 4 bedroom house in London being around 349 pounds, that's an easy pill to swallow. Things get even more interesting in the small property market, where the average deposit is roughly around 1000 GBP, with the medium price for the move out cleaning service for studio and apartments being 109 GBP and starting as low as 89 in some instances.

With these stats in place you can roughly determine that the cost of your end of tenancy cleaning would be around 10% of the deposit that you have at stake, but this could fluctuate from as low as 7% up to 15% of the deposit depending on the company you have chosen as well as a few other factors such as the date of the cleaning job, the time as well as one really important factor - how long before the end of tenancy cleaning itself, you have booked with the cleaning company. Many cleaning companies such as us at FAB Cleaning do not require an additional payment for work on bank holidays, weekends and in most cases we wouldn't charge you extra if you book for an overnight move out cleaning either. As long as we have an available team and we do not need to squeeze you in on our schedule in the last minute, the price of our end of tenancy cleaning in London stays the same, which is one of the many reasons why our customers love us and continue to use our cleaning technicians in London time and time again.

What do I get with your cleaning service in London

For as low as £99 with us you'll get an average studio flat cleaned from top to bottom including the nasty areas and appliances such as the toilet, the oven, the extractor fan, shower room, etc. cleaned meticulously. Obviously that's not all and it won't be enough to convince your landlord or estate agent that you have used a professional company to clean the property. Additionally to the things listed above, you'll be getting a professional hoovering or steam cleaning of the carpets, hardwood floors, laminated floor or whatever type of rugs you have in the property that aren't coming with you in your new home. Everything that stays behind such as the kitchen cabinets, cutting boards, shelves and many more will be cleaned to the best possible condition possible. Window sills, door frames, door knobs and lighting fixtures are also cleaned along with things that you wouldn't even think of when you're cleaning yourself. After all a guaranteed service such as the end of tenancy cleaning in London we offer needs to be done up to the highest standards. Our goal is to complete the job the first time around and not have to come back and re-clean again. We would do a free re-clean of the property if the landlord expecting it or the checkout agent found something we didn't do well enough, but that's not something that occurs often.

How long does an end of tenancy cleaning take

If this is the first time you're booking such a service, the time frames might seem too short and the service might not seem like it's worth it's price, but we assure you that the work our trained technicians do in a few hours would take the average maid or a person that has only occasionally cleaned the house up to 2 days to complete the same amount of work. All the teams at FAB Cleaning that do end of tenancy cleaning in London have the know-how and the systematized approach to house cleaning to complete the job in the fastest way possible and up to the best industry requirements. After all we always send 2 or more people per property and that's twice the workforce then the one that would be cleaning if you decide to take things in your own hands.

Should I use a professional London tenancy cleaning company

Like we already stated, you are not necessarily required to book a professional cleaning job, but most landlords will not only appreciate it, but will require it as stated in your contract when you were signing it. The housing market in London is really saturated and there are thousands of properties that are being offered in London everyday by hundreds of real estate agencies. If the landlord wants his or her property to be let out as fast as possible, the best way to ensure this happens is to get it cleaned and prepared for the people that will look at it. A professional end of tenancy cleaning could help the property to find new tenants in a matter of days instead of weeks, which results in a few hundred pounds more for the landlord this month. That's why understandably more and more people that own properties throughout London and other cities would want to get this done by the people moving out. Some landlords even have a favorite cleaning company that they'd use every time a new tenant is about to move in their apartment or house. We work with hundreds of people across London on the same basis and they call us time and time again to get their assets prepared to welcome new people.

Another thing that you get when you book an end of tenancy cleaning which differentiates the service from regular house cleaning is that things such as the oven, or the lighting fixtures, which haven't even been touched in the past couple of years (Let's face it you haven't cleaned the lighting fixtures since you moved in, right?) will be cleaned. These details will make or break your claim to get the full deposit amount you gave the landlord or real estate agency when you moved in. The cleaning technicians of FAB Cleaning will not only work harder then you would, but we work "smarter" in a sense, as all of our cleaning technicians know exactly what the checkout report will be looking for and what the landlords require. We have gathered an immeasurable amount of experience working for both sides of the "fence" - meaning that we know what estate agents want, as well as what tenants need and expect. We know what landlords would look at, which translates to an end of tenancy cleaning in London that may be no other company is able to achieve.

What is the end of tenancy cleaning guarantee

Although not all cleaning companies would offer a deposit back guarantee, most companies such as ours offer a free re-clean in case anything with the checkout report goes wrong. This is by far the best guarantee that you'll find in London and it means you'll be getting your money back if the only thing standing in the way is dust or grime which hasn't been taken care of. Most real estate agencies and landlords will ease up on you once they see the receipt from the cleaning company, but we do not rely on that alone. The professional care of our cleaning technicians in London will allow you to concentrate on the move to your new home instead of biting your nails before finding out whether or not the landlord is going to give you your hard-earned money from the deposit back. The final amount you'll be paying is not really that much if you consider the high-end detergents and the free re-clean guarantee included. This combined with the time it takes the cleaners to come to the property along with the cost of their time makes end of tenancy cleaning London a great value, especially if you book it with FAB Cleaning London.

Our coverage area is constantly expanding, but for the people on this page it's enough to know that there isn't a part of London that we do not cover. In fact we offer our services to all towns and postcodes up to 60 miles out of London itself. We will be gradually updating the list of covered areas with detailed information about each London borough where you can take advantage of our amazing end of tenancy cleaning. Here's the list below. From the heart of London also known as the City of London, all the way out to the outskirts of the metropolitan and outside the ME25. If you are moving out and you want to get your deposit back, or you are a landlord that needs assistance in getting a property back to mint condition, FAB Cleaning is ready to help. Look up your area from the lists below, or simply contact us through our contact form, via live chat or by email.

FAB Cleaning's end of tenancy cleaning service in a nutshell

FAB Cleaning is great at exceeding customer expectations and we've managed to do this throughout the years a lot. We work hard and play hard and when it comes to taking care of business, there are no workarounds. Our cleaning technicians go above and beyond to make sure that the customer doesn't think of the price they paid, but the final result and the tenancy deposit they got in full. We plan on exploring the possibility to make many more customers in London happy and to help them reclaim their deposits in full.

FAB Cleaning offers end of tenancy cleaning London service as a part of our relocation management service. Everybody knows that this is only one of the things that you must take care of when you're relocating and FAB Cleaning offers the complete solution to moving to another property. From the end of tenancy cleaning through the checkout reports and the man and van service, we can help with every step of the process and if you're moving to another location in London, the prices for combining the services are really affordable. We offer additional discounts to make sure that you don't need to overspend on an already expensive task. If you need to move to a location outside of London, FAB Cleaning offers great prices for man and van services outside the city to nearby towns in South East England. Our end of tenancy cleaning London service is guaranteed up to 48 hours after the job was completed. This is a standard guarantee for all end of tenancy cleaning services offered in London and if you're exploring the option of booking with a company that doesn't offer this guarantee, it's most likely a scam, but even if it isn't you'd be better of staying away from such a company.

In terms of time necessary to perform a full end of tenancy London cleaning, we can't specify anything, but having in mind that the full cleaning of a 2 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom takes approximately 3 hours is a good starting point to think about how long it would take for your vacated property to be cleaned. The whole session will be really dependent of the condition of the property, but we're looking forward to doing the best end of tenancy cleaning London service you could expect.

Aside from our services offered in London, FAB Cleaning offers end of tenancy cleaning in other cities such as Oxford, Portsmouth, Southampton and other cities in South East England.

A little more about the company that you should be familiar with before making the decision to book your end of tenancy cleaning in London with us. First off, we offer this service in all 30 boroughs of London and a few areas that are not part of London, such as Bromley and Croydon. This service is also available in a number of other cities as stated above and we are proud to say that nowadays we perform over 30 cleaning jobs a day, which makes FAB Cleaning one of the biggest move out cleaning companies covering all of London. We are able to provide additional relocation service such as a removals van along with rubbish removals and a few other services to people living in the city, that would definitely ease up their transition. Combined services entitle every customer to a huge discount, which we recommend to everyone that has an interest in our end of tenancy cleaning.

What customers say

Move out cleaning and boxes in apartment

Well looking through the other comments left by clients before me, I have to say that FAB Cleaning's end of tenancy cleaning in London has not changed in terms of quality. The 9/10 score they have on TrustPilot is completely deserved if you ask me and I was really happy with what they did for me. The 2 bedroom apartment they cleaned for me in North London definitely needed some work. For what it's worth the call operator Eve that I was communicating with most of the time was really polite and helpful. I am truly happy to have been able to get the 1200 pounds I had hanging in the balance as a deposit back from my landlord. In fact, for the 5 years in London, I've used the services of only two other companies, but the quality of FAB Cleaning was simply amazing compared to them.

-Anjeeb Pandwar London
FAB Cleaning end of tenancy cleaners

This is not only the best end of tenancy cleaning company I've used in London, but it's probably the highest quality company I've used period. They take things so seriously, it's unbelievable. The hell with apps and disruptive companies of the "next generation". This is the present and there's no better cleaning company in London then FAB Cleaning. For only about 120 quid the two person team cleaned everything, including the oven and the carpets in one of the bedrooms. I really like thinking progressive, but you can't get quality like that from a hipster that does this 4 hours a week, when he feels like it like the people on the uber-like cleaning sites. When it comes to cleaning I'll stick to the old ways and more specifically FAB Cleaning. It looks like they offer other services aside of the end of tenancy cleaning.

-Josh Fleesbury London

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