FAB Cleaning offers something different than the traditional understanding of end of tenancy cleaning. We offer caring and friendly cleaning technicians which are local to Barkingside IG6 and that are ready to provide you with the necessary help in order for you to sucessfully get your security deposit back. Our cleaning teams are equipped and trained with both the needed machines and the expertise to perform this job to the highest standard required by letting agents, landlord etc.

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Professional end of tenancy cleaning Barkingside IG6
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Guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning Barkingside

No matter how bad your tenants left your property in Barkingside IG6, we are definitely able to help you make it look spectacular for the next tenants. In case you are a tenant, know that no matter what kind of mess you've been able to accumulate, there isn't anything that we haven't seen before, or haven't handled before. Our technicians are prepared and equipped with both the right detergents and the positive attitude to handle jobs of any scale. We offer amazingly affordable prices for Barkingside and our coverage extends beyond the IG6 postal town, so even if the property is somewhere out of Barkingside we will still be able to come and help you out. We aren't scared of the competition and know that our prices are the best you could possibly get, so contacting them isn't even necessary, but if you decide to do so, the only thing you'll find out is that we are the company you have been looking for. Our promise is simple: The friendliest staff, the best attitude, great prices and last but not least, the high standard cleaning that every landlord wants for his property. Our end of tenancy cleaning is surely going to amaze many and will leave everyone on both sides of the fence happy.

Our Barkingside IG6 end of tenancy cleaning is affordable but not just that

Moving out of a house in Barkingside and need it cleaned before the inspection of the checkout agent or your landlord. We have got you covered, as our end of tenancy cleaning is tailored exactly to the needs of people moving out of a property or their landlords which want to prepare the property for it's new tenants. Either way, our friendly and fully trained staff is ready to help out and do it with meticulous attention to detail. Our main goals have always been to be the go-to cleaning company for residents of London and Barkingside IG6 have always been areas which we've loved working in. The affordability of our service in Barkingside is another important aspect of our end of tenancy cleaning. We have not changed our policies on the end of tenancy cleaning guarantee and it is still fixed on 48 hours, which is plenty of time for your checkout report to come out and show if we've missed a spot somewhere.

If you are a tenant leaving a property in Barkingside IG6 then the most important feature that you'll be able to take advantage of is the deposit back guarantee which we offer for 48 hours after the session. It means that once the cleaning is done, there's a 48 hour time period in which the checkout can point out areas which we might have missed or weren't up to the standard of the landlord or the checkout agent which we'll rectify free of charge. All of our end of tenancy cleaning in Barkingside comes with such a guarantee. You'll also take advantage of the following

Here's what landlords can expect from our end of tenancy cleaning in Barkingside IG6

We have been expanding the coverage area since day one and although we started with just a couple of teams which had to travel great distances to offer our fantastic end of tenancy cleaning service there, nowadays we have local cleaners in lots of locations throughout London. We specifically look for such teams and get them through our vigorous training and quality inspections to ensure that they are able to offer the high quality end of tenancy cleaning which our customers are now used to and refer to their friends. Nowadays our company's policy on working in Barkingside IG6 is to beat the prices of all of our competitors, because we have 2 local teams to do the job, so you know you are always going to get the cheapest end of tenancy cleaning in Barkingside.

A few of the benefits of our end of tenancy cleaning

  • Your deposit is returned in full

  • You get certified local Barkingside cleaning technicians that passed background inspections

  • A company with experienced technicians based in IG6 with over 5 years of experience in end of tenancy cleaning

  • A session not limited in time and cleaners that will stay as long as needed

  • A fixed final price which doesn't change once we're at your front steps and you have no choice to find someone else in Barkingside

  • A free re-clean if we missed anything on the cleaners check list and is included in the booking confirmation

  • Often you get the cheapest end of tenancy cleaning in IG6 with us.

Here are some of the perks that Tenants will be able to take advantage of

  • Our customer support is always ready to respond to problems or rescheduling of the work

  • A guarantee of the deposit back in full to your hands or bank account

  • Friendly people that aren't going to make you feel bad for having to clean, that's our job and we're prepared for it

  • Late or last minute scheduling if we have availability is something we commonly do

  • Barkingside IG6 local teams with free parking permits on occasions

  • A dedicated cleaning assistant which you can look for personally when calling.

Here are some of the perks that Landlords will be able to take advantage of

  • A tailored price which depends on the rooms and the items in them more than anything else, which guarantees you don't get overpriced

  • A service which isn't limited in time, exactly what you need if the tenants left a mess

  • Last minute slot reservation that you probably won't be able to do with smaller companies with 1 team

  • A free oven cleaning that usually would cost up to 60 GBP for a single size oven

  • Additional discount when you've booked more than 1 property in Barkingside in the past year.

  • We don't judge if you decide to charge the tenants more for the trouble. We charge one price, you can multiply it for the tenants.

Barkingside is a local area part of Redbridge and as such tenants and landlords should know some of the basic regulations for this part of London, more of which you could find on this page:

Redbridge and Barkingside tenant information

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of end of tenancy cleaning in Barkingside

A. The prices of each and every session are calculated on a per customer basis, which means that we don't offer a one size fits all service and we tailor the cleaning session around your specific needs whether you're a landlord or a tenant. Also additional discounts could be included depending on the number of services you book with us.

What does your service in IG6 include

A. We will clean meticulously all surfaces, floors, windows (from the inside) along with the frames and sills. The kitchen and most of it's appliances are also cleaned externaly and the oven could also be included. The end of tenancy cleaning in Barkingside also includes bathroom cleaning or in case you have a shower room, we take care of it as well. Our mission while inside the property is to make everything shine, like you've never lived in the property and to ensure that you'll get to move to your new home without any complications or problems. One of the main aspects of the end of tenancy cleaning we offer in Barkingside IG6 is that the service is not limited in time and our technicians stay at the property as long as it takes to make it sparkle.

How many people do you send

A. This is another thing that we decide when we have all the details. In some instances 3 or more people might be needed, but in most cases a team of 2 professional end of tenancy cleaners is sufficient. Our Barkingside technicians know what they're doing and you'll be amazed what they are capable of with the necessary time on their hands.

How long does it take

A. Unfortunately this is another question that can't be answered about all sessions, but a basic rule of thumb is that a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment takes about 3 hours to clean by two cleaning specialists. That being said Barkingside is one of the areas where one of our fastest teams is based, so if you're lucky enough, you might get them assigned.

Do I need to have any supplies

A. Our move out cleaning service also known as end of tenancy cleaning doesn't require you to have any type of detergents or anything in the property. The cleaners bring their own equipment, high quality detergents and supplies to ensure that the property gets up to the standard required.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Barkingside IG6 Prices

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From £89 From £119
1 Bedroom property From £122 From £155
2 Bedroom property From £149 From £199
3 Bedroom Property From £198 From £249
*Terms & Conditions apply as well as our minimum call out charge which is £50 for Barkingside. If you require a viewing, once you book the service, the viewing price will be deducted from the final amount you have to pay. We calculate each price taking into consideration the property size as well as the items requiring cleaning as well as the time of day and our current the appointment All prices and deals are valid for areas within IG6.

Some details about our cleaning technicians operating in Barkingside IG6

  • Our technicians are vetted and specially trained to execute a meticulous end of tenancy cleaning

  • They also have an insurance to give you the necessary peace of mind

  • Trained and excellent in what they do are the minimum requirements to work for FAB Cleaning

  • Occasional supervisor checks are often conducted and our cleaners aren't notified about them

  • English speaking cleaners for Barkingside is a must and all of our workers speak fluent English


One fantastic and really thorough move out tenancy cleaning was done in Barkingside IG6

Was it spectacular to notice how much these cleaning technicians love their job? For me it was, as cleaning is a job that I simply hate in my guts. They looked as if they were on some kind of happy gas or something to make them look so cheerful, but may be they were flying on a vacation after the job. I know that would make me feel and look as happy as they looked.The place I left in Barkingside IG6 was kind of a mess, but the FAB Cleaning team handled it flawlessly and the cleaners looked really excited to be doing this unpleasant job.

-Linda McCormack. Barkingside IG6
Property located in Barkingside IG6 cleaned professionally by our staff

The house of my father in Barkingside IG6 was rented out to a young family with 3 kids and these kids left such a mess that when I went in the house I couldn't recognize the place. It was so awful, but the amazing team of Daffy and Polly handled things beautifully! I couldn't praise them enough for the fantastic work

Angela Morten. Barkingside IG6

Don't let your landlord keep any of your hard earned money by claiming that they gave you the house in a much better condition. If that's the case, let us handle the cleaning and you will be really impressed by the work not only the cleaners will do for you, but our office staff as well. We have a strong grasp on tenant law and know exactly what landlords and letting agents can and can't require you to do. If you are a landlord and your tenants couldn't find a proper cleaner (in other words, didn't find our website or phone number) we will gladly help you get the house or apartment you've got in the best possible condition for the next people that want to live there.

With the help of our long and extensive training process the end of tenancy cleaning Barkingside IG6 offered by our company is much more than just a "home cleaning". We have made it our mission to create the most amazing end of tenancy cleaning and with the experience gathered and the houses cleaned we have managed to turn this into something more. Nowadays we offer a tenancy deposit returning service, which is crucial to tenants as in lots of occasions the deposit could reach up to 2000 pounds sterling, a hefty sum, that no one wants to part ways with.
Contact one of our associates today and book your cleaning without much hassle and the job itself will help you reclaim the money hassle free as well. We are proud to be able to offer such a service, but it wasn't easy to get to a point where we can say with 100% confidence that we can get your deposit back.

End of tenancy cleaning in Barkingside IG6
4.9 stars rating
4.9 stars - based on 29 reviews

We've passed inspections for these agencies

We have been able to pass the independent inspections and the checkout reports from some of the most prestigious estate agencies in London.

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We offer a variety of options for you to contact us and get an amazing offer for the cleaning service you need. Use our live chat option if you're unable to talk over the phone or shoot us an email at this address. Ideally you could call and ask our customer care associate on additional discounts and get a slot booked the fastest.