What is end of tenancy cleaning

There are major differences between the cleaning services called end of tenancy cleaning in the different cities and Oxford makes no exception. There are plenty of companies out here that offer a service called end of tenancy cleaning, but their approach to cleaning a vacated property is completely wrong. The difference between us and most companies in Oxford and near the city is that we offer a guaranteed service like no other. In fact, FAB Cleaning offers not only end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford, but a complete move out service including furniture removals and rubbish removals for clients that are looking to get everything done in one quick swoop. Most of our clients prefer booking all services together and that's understandable as with our combined service they not only save a lot of money, but there significantly less things to consider and think about as our one-stop shop solution makes the process of moving to another home smooth as butter. The cleaning service itself consists of a thorough top to bottom cleaning that includes way more then a regular home cleaning would. Rooms like the bathroom or shower rooms are taken care of all tiles are cleaned from lime scale and other unpleasant dirt. The stove in the kitchen along with lots of other appliances are cleaned as well and we will also take care of lots of places that you might have not touched since you moved in a few years ago.

What is the cost of an end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford

The prices of our cleaning service for people that are moving out of a property in Oxford is in compliance with the pricing standards in the city. We have made sure to keep the price of our services as low as 8% of the security deposit you have at stake up to 15% in some irregular cases. There are not a lot of reasons why our cleaning could cost up to 15% of the deposit, but we reserve the right to calculate the price of the end of tenancy cleaning with the current condition of the property at the moment of the cleaning job. In case there are lots of things that need special attention, we would obviously need to charge the tenants or the landlord a little extra for the extra effort required by our cleaning crew. Our management has tried to optimize the prices of our tenancy cleaning service in Oxford as much as possible by investing in the most modern cleaning equipment along with special training of the staff that enables them to optimize their time and do more work in a narrower time frame.

With all that being said, it seems like we might be trying to avoid answering the question how much our end of tenancy cleaning Oxford costs. This isn't the case, but we calculate our prices based on the number of items, appliances and rooms in the property that requires the cleaning, which means that a completely tailored service is what you will be paying for. This guarantees that our customers pay on average 80% less than the clients of our competitors which offer a one size fits all approach to the move out cleaning they offer in Oxford.

To give you a more specific data about our prices, we've listed our starting prices for the different types of properties below on this page, but the prices there are only used to represent the lowest amount you could possibly pay, so do not expect the price you are quoted over the phone or via email to be exactly the same, because you are vacating a studio flat for example.

What do I get with your cleaning service in Oxford

Well it's easy to say that you'll be getting the property cleaned, but that's not all there is to it. Our end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford is one of the best cleaning services there are generally. The main reason for this is that you are guaranteed to get your security deposit back, there's no way you can find another service which offers such price to quality ratio. The sheer value that you get per pound spend is simply incomparable to any other cleaning service offered in Oxford nowadays.

How long does an end of tenancy cleaning take

When you are leaving a house or an apartment, you're in a rush to get things done as fast as possible. We understand that and we value your time. That's why we make sure to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In fact, while the end of tenancy cleaning is being done you don't even need to be present during the session. You could even be out of Oxford for what it's worth. The only thing that we require from the customers of our Oxford end of tenancy cleaning is that they let us in the property. Once we're done, we can leave the key to a neighbour, a real estate agency or simply drop it in your mailbox when we're ready to leave after the job is completely done. In most cases people prefer to take a look at what we've done and we understand that. That's why we advise our customers one hour before the job is completed, so they can come and expect the fantastic work our cleaning technicians have completed. Our end of tenancy cleaning Oxford associates will show you the highlights of their work and be on their way. Once you've expected the job, we guarantee the work will pass inspection for 48 hours (terms and conditions apply). Once this period has passed, there will be no claims for free re-clean of the property. There isn't a specific time frame for our end of tenancy cleaning service in Oxford and we will advise you over the phone the average time it takes to clean a property like yours according to the stats we have aggregated over time with the other jobs we have completed.

Why should I use Oxford end of tenancy cleaners

We obviously can't make you use the services of a professional company such as ours, but there are a number of reasons why you'd be better of doing that instead of cleaning the property yourself. One of these is that the cleaning that takes us 3-4 hours would take a regular person about 2 days and the outcome and results will not be the same at all. We will use cleaning detergents and equipment that the regular household does not have access to and wouldn't be able to buy and our technicians are trained to handle

So here we go with what the service includes in a nutshell. First our team will come at your door and politely knock on your door. They will be dressed with the official FAB Cleaning uniforms looking neat and ready to amaze you with their work. Once they're in the property, you'll be asked to point them to a source of hot water and an electric outlet and from then on they'll go at it starting with the kitchen where all cupboards, cutting boards, shelves, door frames, window frames and all of the kitchen appliances will be cleaned throughout leaving them sparkling on the outside. If you have requested a deep oven clean or it has already been included in the price you'll then see how fantastic your oven could have looked if you had taken advantage of our oven cleaning service as well. Once we're done with your kitchen, one of our associates will head on to the bathroom or shower room and start preparing it for the checkout report. This means that all fixtures, chrome elements and the bathtub will be cleaned flawlessly and any lime scale that was present will miraculously disappear. Sounds great huh? Well that's not all! Once the bathroom and the kitchen have been meticulously cleaned, then it's time for the bedroom and living room cleaning. A thorough cleaning of everything that accumulates dust will happen blazingly fast and we'll hoover all the carpets and/or wood floors there. If you have requested carpet cleaning, then one of our associates will do the magic called steam carpet cleaning leaving all of the stains, dirt or debris in the past.

Do you offer an end of tenancy cleaning guarantee in Oxford

As with all of our other cleaning branches Oxford is no exception to the rule that we guarantee all of our end of tenancy cleaning jobs. This means that if you're moving out and there's a problem with your checkout report, there's no need to worry, as we would send a cleaning team to rectify the problems, although such problems occur on really rare occasions. With this guarantee we make sure that our clients aren't afraid that they are paying for a service, which might not get their hard earned money at all. Each guarantee is attached to a specific time frame. This means that we will only re-clean a property within a certain time frame after the initial job. In most cases this is a 48 hour window after the first time we came to do the job, but in some situations we extend this period, if the job is done on a Friday or a Saturday for example and there was no way for the report to be done by Monday.

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List of covered towns near Oxford

We cover lots of areas outside of Oxford aside from the suburbs of the city listed below. Even if you are one of the 22,000 students at the Oxford university that lives outside of the city and travels to school every day, we have got you covered. Don't worry about not living in Oxford itself. We cover all of South East England and you can rest assured that if you have stumbled upon this page, then in 99% of the times, we serve your area.

A quick overview of the parts of Oxford we offer end of tenancy cleaning in

Aside from downtown Oxford, FAB Cleaning provides this great service to many parts of the city itself. You can take advantage of our affordable prices if you live in one of the following areas such as Blackbird Leys, Cowley, Iffley, Cutteslowe, Headington, North Oxford, Osney, Summertown, and Wolvercote. All of these Oxford suburbs are covered by our teams and we even cover a few other suburbs that aren't within the city limits such as Botley, Cumnor Hill, Dean Court and of course North Hinksey.

End of tenancy cleaning Discounts in Oxford

Of course as the pride of Oxford is the University, we simply can't pass on by the large number of students that come in our city every year to get ahead in their education. A few years back, we decided to offer a special discount to all Oxford students as well as professors for all of our one-off cleaning services including end of tenancy cleaning. There are a bunch of other special discounts that you can take advantage of, and most of them are in some way connected to booking multiple jobs and combining them. A referral discount is also a great way for you to save a few pounds on your spring-cleaning for example as we offer a 20GBP discount for every person you refer to us (some conditions may apply, check out our terms and conditions page for more information).

With all this being said, what are you still waiting for. Are you still not convinced that our end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford is the best money can get you. If you are still unsure that we are the right choice for you, simply call or chat with one of our associates and we'll definitely nudge you in the right direction. We have an office that works 7 days a week - 365 days a year and our live chat will answer all your questions about the Oxford cleaning services we offer in a matter of minutes even if it's 3 in the morning.

Moving to another part of England? We can help out with that as well! Our removals teams can get your belongings and furniture from point A to point B at the best rates possible and considering that you're combining two services, you just know that you'll be getting a kick-ass discount, right? We cover all of South East England and London is where our main headquarters are located. Most of our end of tenancy cleaning technicians are located there and only about 20 teams cover Oxford and the towns around it, with the majority being allocated in London, where we have north of 50 teams.

What customers say

Move out cleaning and boxes in apartment

Better then the services of other companies I've used in the past. Straight to the point, the cleaners were really polite, friendly and looked pretty neat. I would only assume they weren't British because their accent wasn't really local, but I might be wrong. Anyway, these cleaners know what they're doing and I definitely appreciate the professional attitude by both the end of tenancy cleaning Oxford technicians and the office staff that handled all my requests and calls.

-Lidia Halpert Oxford
End of tenancy cleaning in Oxford for University graduates

I had just finished my masters degree and at Oxford university and it was about time to move on to bigger things, start life and see where it takes me, but that was not going to happen in Oxford. I had plans to move to London and was about to move out of the 3 bedroom house me and my roommies a.k.a. best friends from the university. We needed the money we had as a security deposit back and there were lieflets left by some one at the university that FAB Cleaning was offering a discount on their end of tenancy cleaning, because one of the owners used to study in our own University. I couldn't believe that someone that studied here would get into cleaning, but as it seems our business program takes people to all kinds of businesses and cleaning is one of them. Anyway the cleaners weren't Oxford University graduates, but were really nice with us and we really DID get a discount for the cleaning. I'm not sure if it's a PR thing or whatever, but the service was good and the discount made things even better.

-Darren Grimsberg Oxford

End of tenancy cleaning in Oxford
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