Do local cleaners that are fast at responding sound like a good thing for your end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington N16. Well you can get such a team of professionals from our teams here at FAB Cleaning. The only thing you might need to do in order to secure your booking is call us and we'll reserve you a slot at the best price possible price.

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Professional end of tenancy cleaning Stoke Newington N16
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Guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning Stoke Newington

Here at FAB Cleaning we love challenges. That's why we're constantly trying to find new and better cleaning methods for the different fabrics of carpets and the easiest and fastest method to get lime scale off your bathroom fixtures and tiles. We send most of our cleaning supervisors serving Stoke Newington N16 to training and the latest industry gatherings and seminars regularly, so they are aware of the latest and greatest methods they can offer to our customers.

Here's a little extra about our tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington N16

Moving to a new home is a stressful job. Especially if you're a single parent for example or moving with small children. This is why we at FAB Cleaning have made it real easy for all kind of people in Stoke Newington to easily book their whole move with us, from the end of tenancy cleaning all the way to the removals service and may be even gardening of their new property if needed. We love to help and our main goal has always been making the life of our customers a bit easier. Our core mission has been creating a company that you can trust for not only your end of tenancy cleaning, but your whole move from one property to another. This does not mean that we have sacrificed anything related to the quality of our end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington N16 and this is still our top priority service. FAB Cleaning still has the best customer support staff along with some of the best cleaning technicians London and South East England have ever seen.
We have never strived in making our services the cheapest at all costs. This is mainly because high quality services can not cost little or be less expensive then services that you get done by people who aren't even accredited in offering them. There's no way our company can compete with the likes of people that are self-proclaimed cleaners in Stoke Newington, but we have been able to achieve a really affordable price that most of our customers find not only reasonable, but better then the one our competitors in the area around N16 offer.

Here's what we offer tenants looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington N16

Features of our end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington N16 contain

South-East England and more specifically London, Oxford and Reading are the cities where we conduct most of our business, but Stoke Newington is where we started offering end of tenancy cleaning 4 years ago. All of the areas under the N16 postcode are covered by our company and you could book addition services there such as after builders cleaning, oven cleaning and many many others, to make your life easier and happier

A few of the benefits of our end of tenancy cleaning

  • We DO work on holidays and at no extra cost too!

  • We employ vetted, trained and certified cleaning technicians with a liability insurance in Stoke Newington

  • For over 4 years our services in Stoke Newington have been the definition of quality

  • Time limitations are a thing of the past. Our end of tenancy cleaning is guaranteed and it's price is the only thing that's fixed.

  • You get a fixed quote that does not change in time. We love our customers in Stoke Newington and would never mislead them with wrong prices.

  • If cheap end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington is what you're looking for, then we might be the right choice for you, but we do not claim to offer the most affordable cleaning in N16.

Here are some of the perks that Tenants will be able to take advantage of

  • We help not only with professional services, but guidance on how to make your move easier

  • We guarantee that you'll get your security deposit back from your landlord in full, but some terms do apply

  • Friendly and trained fluent in English cleaners Stoke Newington will get the property sparkling

  • Discounts on end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington and other services are offered on return customers

  • Cleaning of larger properties in most cases includes a free oven cleaning.

  • Every customer has an assigned customer care agent to oversee the whole process

Here are some of the perks that Landlords will be able to take advantage of

  • We tailor every service to the expectations and requirements of the landlords

  • The end of tenancy cleaning we provide isn't limited in time

  • Bookings with late notice aren't usually a problem

  • We include oven and hob cleaning in our end of tenancy cleaning service

  • All landlords are entitled to up to 30% discount if they book another service in Stoke Newington

  • You can charge the tenants a higher price for the cleaning, we always do it at the best price for you

Here are a few things that you should know or consider before moving to another property as well as a list of documents that you might find useful. We've also included some information about Stoke Newington, the local authorities and the local regulations:

Information about Old Oak Common

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington

A. The prices of each and every session are calculated on a per customer basis, which means that we don't offer a one size fits all service and we tailor the cleaning session around your specific needs whether you're a landlord or a tenant. Also additional discounts could be included depending on the number of services you book with us.

What does your service in N16 include

A. We will clean meticulously all surfaces, floors, windows (from the inside) along with the frames and sills. The kitchen and most of it's appliances are also cleaned externaly and the oven could also be included. The end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington also includes bathroom cleaning or in case you have a shower room, we take care of it as well. Our mission while inside the property is to make everything shine, like you've never lived in the property and to ensure that you'll get to move to your new home without any complications or problems. One of the main aspects of the end of tenancy cleaning we offer in Stoke Newington N16 is that the service is not limited in time and our technicians stay at the property as long as it takes to make it sparkle.

How many people do you send

A. This is another thing that we decide when we have all the details. In some instances 3 or more people might be needed, but in most cases a team of 2 professional end of tenancy cleaners is sufficient. Our Stoke Newington technicians know what they're doing and you'll be amazed what they are capable of with the necessary time on their hands.

How long does it take

A. Unfortunately this is another question that can't be answered about all sessions, but a basic rule of thumb is that a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment takes about 3 hours to clean by two cleaning specialists. That being said Stoke Newington is one of the areas where one of our fastest teams is based, so if you're lucky enough, you might get them assigned.

Do I need to have any supplies

A. Our move out cleaning service also known as end of tenancy cleaning doesn't require you to have any type of detergents or anything in the property. The cleaners bring their own equipment, high quality detergents and supplies to ensure that the property gets up to the standard required.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Stoke Newington N16 Prices

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From ?89 From ?119
1 Bedroom property From £122 From £155
2 Bedroom property From £149 From £199
3 Bedroom Property From £198 From £249
*Terms & Conditions apply as well as our minimum call out charge which is £50. If you require a viewing, once you book the service, the viewing price will be deducted from the final amount you have to pay. We calculate each price taking into consideration the property size as well as the items requiring cleaning as well as the time of day and our current the appointment All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25.

Some details about our cleaning technicians operating in Stoke Newington N16

  • We perform background tests and regular drug tests to keep our staff in check

  • We have a liability insurance coverage of 1 million pounds

  • Professional training and supervision is something all of our new cleaners go through

  • We try to employ local cleaning teams from Stoke Newington and N16 as a postcode area

  • We rely on locally based teams that can perform overnight sessions if necessary and to avoid delays of traffic


Carpet and end of tenancy cleaning was carried out on this property in Stoke Newington N16

There amount of time the cleaners of FAB Cleaning spent doing the end of tenancy cleaning in the apartment on Kingsley Road in Stoke Newington N16 that I was living in was a bit long, but totally worth it. The team came around 2 in the afternoon as I was having a tea and they stayed long after the pot was cold. It probably took them 4 hours and although I tried to offer them tea from the last pot I boiled in this apartment, they did not take a minute to rest. I'm impressed and recommend this company's services to others. It's really worth it

-Natasha Berringsfield. Stoke Newington N16
Property located in Stoke Newington N16 on Leckford Road cleaned by FAB Cleaning

I do not own a property in Stoke Newington N16, but I wish I did. FAB Cleaning were my regular house cleaning company for the past 4 years and although there have been 2 women cleaning my house throughout these 2 years, the quality has always been superb and I've had nothing to complain about. They even did an end of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington for me when I was moving out and now that I live away in an area they do not offer their services in, I'm finding it extremely difficult to find suitable cleaners at the same price.

Mick Klingsberry Stoke Newington N16

Get your deposit back easily. FAB Cleaning knows that your deposit might be taken as ransom for an expensive cleaning or even worse, the landlord has never planned on giving it back, but if you decide to work with us on reclaiming it, there's a big chance that we can get it back to you in full amount. If there aren't any problems with anything else and the thing standing between your money and you is the basic cleanliness of the property - then worry no more. Our move out cleaning in Stoke Newington enables you to handle your own business and do what you want to do while the session is ongoing. We can take care of it for you and do it reliably without your supervision. The only thing clients are required to do is give the keys to the checkout agent and let them see the great work our cleaners did.

End of tenancy cleaning in Stoke Newington N16
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We've passed inspections for these agencies

We have been able to pass the independent inspections and the checkout reports from some of the most prestigious estate agencies in London.

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