Does a guaranteed security deposit back in full sound like an amazing offer. Well this is exactly what our end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham SE26 does, it gets your security deposit back for you. Not only that but you'll be getting this deposit back at a really reasonable price and you won't have to spend a pound more than necessary with our services.

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We realize just how stressful it could be to need to move. It's stressfull for a handful of reasons and one of these is the end of tenancy cleaning and the thought that you'll have to deal with a checkout report which will determine whether or not you'll receive your security deposit back in full. Fortunately for you if you live in Sydenham or an area with the SE26 postcode, this means that you can take advantage of our guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning service. Not only that, but we offer a wide variety of other services aside our end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham. Read on and you'll find a lot about the cleaning services we offer in Sydenham.

More information about the end of tenancy cleaning Sydenham SE26 you can book with us

The stress of the move is not always related to money. The security deposit you have and the money you'll be spending on movers, cleaners, etc. isn't the only thing that stresses people out. There are many other factors such as the anxiety of the unknown, the time it'll take for you to settle in. Obviously as a cleaning company, we can't do much about that, but the thing we CAN do is help your transition be as smooth as possible and help you relax at least a little bit. Our end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham is tailored to your needs and our cleaners are usually locally based, which means that in most cases you'll be able to keep your tight schedule and we won't get in the way of that. This service also guarantees that if the condition of the property and it's cleanliness is the reason your landlord or rental agent doesn't want to return your deposit, you'll get it without a hitch. The local teams we have in Sydenham SE26 have been with us since the beginning and we're pleased to say that there have been over 1500 end of tenancy cleaning sessions that they've completed in Sydenham alone, and almost every one of customers has been thoroughly impressed.
Although we just mentioned that the cost isn't the most stressful thing about moving, it is one of the most important factors that clients consider before booking their cleaning service. Taking our experience on the matter so far, we have concluded that the guarantees, the customer support and the trustworthiness of a company are bigger factors, especially when the service in question is end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham, but the price is one of the 4 most important ones. The cheap end of tenancy cleaning Sydenham price which we offer is based on the fantastic work flow and quick cleaning methods that we have developed as well as the investments that we've made in high end cleaning equipment. We also save money by buying detergents in bulk from the official distributors of Pro-Chem.

Here's what we offer tenants looking for end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham SE26

Features of our end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham SE26 contain

If you live in South East England, Bromley and more specifically Sydenham SE26 then you can take advantage of the best end of tenancy cleaning offered in the area by FAB Cleaning.

A few of the benefits of our end of tenancy cleaning

  • Holidays, weekends and busy period cleaning at no additional cost

  • Trained and certified cleaners that go through thorough training to offer the highest quality move out cleaning in Sydenham

  • As of 2015 we have become a part of the NCCA carpet cleaning association, which means we're able to offer carpet cleaning with the best industry standard.

  • Time limitations? Hourly based sessions? This is not how our end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham works. We'll stay there as long as necessary.

  • Fixed quote, no fine prints, no additional charges and most importantly - affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices.

Here are some of the perks that Tenants will be able to take advantage of

  • A dedicated customer support representative will answer all your queries in no longer than 30 minutes via email.

  • A deposit back guarantee for all of our clients in Sydenham SE26

  • Fluent in English, friendly cleaning technicians that are one call away.

  • Discounts for return customers or regular house cleaning customers of the company

  • Larger properties get a free oven cleaning with every end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham

Here are some of the perks that Landlords will be able to take advantage of

  • We offer a fixed price that we do not disclose to the tenants during the session

  • The service isn't limited in time which means our team will stay as long as necessary

  • Late notice bookings and quick overnight sessions are offered by FAB Cleaning

  • All landlords are entitled to 20% discounts in Sydenham if they book cleaning of a 2nd property within 6 months

  • The prices we offer are fantastic and landlords will definitely benefit and save while preparing their properties for the next tenants

Here are a few things that you should know or consider before moving to another property as well as a list of documents that you might find useful. We've also included some information about Sydenham, the local authorities and the local regulations:

Information about Old Oak Common

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham

A. The prices of each and every session are calculated on a per customer basis, which means that we don't offer a one size fits all service and we tailor the cleaning session around your specific needs whether you're a landlord or a tenant. Also additional discounts could be included depending on the number of services you book with us.

What does your service in SE26 include

A. We will clean meticulously all surfaces, floors, windows (from the inside) along with the frames and sills. The kitchen and most of it's appliances are also cleaned externaly and the oven could also be included. The end of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham also includes bathroom cleaning or in case you have a shower room, we take care of it as well. Our mission while inside the property is to make everything shine, like you've never lived in the property and to ensure that you'll get to move to your new home without any complications or problems. One of the main aspects of the end of tenancy cleaning we offer in Sydenham SE26 is that the service is not limited in time and our technicians stay at the property as long as it takes to make it sparkle.

How many people do you send

A. This is another thing that we decide when we have all the details. In some instances 3 or more people might be needed, but in most cases a team of 2 professional end of tenancy cleaners is sufficient. Our Sydenham technicians know what they're doing and you'll be amazed what they are capable of with the necessary time on their hands.

How long does it take

A. Unfortunately this is another question that can't be answered about all sessions, but a basic rule of thumb is that a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment takes about 3 hours to clean by two cleaning specialists. That being said Sydenham is one of the areas where one of our fastest teams is based, so if you're lucky enough, you might get them assigned.

Do I need to have any supplies

A. Our move out cleaning service also known as end of tenancy cleaning doesn't require you to have any type of detergents or anything in the property. The cleaners bring their own equipment, high quality detergents and supplies to ensure that the property gets up to the standard required.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Sydenham SE26 Prices

Property Type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio Flat From ?89 From ?119
1 Bedroom property From ?122 From ?155
2 Bedroom property From ?149 From ?199
3 Bedroom Property From ?198 From ?249
*Terms & Conditions apply as well as our minimum call out charge which is ?50. If you require a viewing, once you book the service, the viewing price will be deducted from the final amount you have to pay. We calculate each price taking into consideration the property size as well as the items requiring cleaning as well as the time of day and our current the appointment All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25.

Some details about our cleaning technicians operating in Sydenham SE26

  • We perform background tests and regular drug tests to keep our staff in check

  • We have a liability insurance coverage of 1 million pounds

  • Professional training and supervision is something all of our new cleaners go through

  • We try to employ local cleaning teams from Sydenham and SE26 as a postcode area

  • We rely on locally based teams that can perform overnight sessions if necessary and to avoid delays of traffic


Oven, upholstery and end of tenancy cleaning was done out on this property in Sydenham SE26

Without the helpful team of FAB Cleaning in Sydenham I was going to lose around 800 quid. They arranged an end of tenancy move out clean for me in the very last minute as I needed it for the same day in the afternoon. I guess not a lot of people like moving on bank holidays and not a lot of companies work on bank holidays either, as FAB Cleaning were the only company to answer the phone and offer me the end of tenancy cleaning in such a short notice.

-Janice Miller Sydenham SE26
Property located in Sydenham SE26 on Beckley Drive cleaned by FAB Cleaning

My mum lived in Sydenham SE26 and as she was getting too old to look for herself, we had to take her to a retirement place in Oxford. The only important thing we had left before renting her house out was to get an end of tenancy cleaning done, as the house was recently renovated and was ready for the market. You can imagine that she didn't keep the place in pristine condition as she was unable to do so by herself. My only requirement was for the cleaners to be polite to her, as I was unable to be there for the cleaning session in Sydenham, but I did arrive after the session was done and my mum was so happy that she was having tea with one of the cleaners at the end of her shift until I arrive. FAB Cleaning offer an amazing service, but that doesn't only include the cleaning. They obviously love what they do as staying there was definitely not part of this cleaning lady's job.

Lidia Stone Sydenham SE26

Leave the grime and dirt to us and simply reclaim your deposit once the checkout report is done. We know just how the landlords and the real estate agents think as we work with them too. We have cleaned properties after a tenancy on multiple occasions for both estate agencies and landlords that needed to prepare their properties for the market. Sydenham is one of those areas where we have had a lot of success throughout the years and we're looking forward to getting our name established as the biggest cleaning company in the SE26 in the near future. Book your move out cleaning in Sydenham with us and you'll get friendly customer care, friendly cleaners and a great price!

End of tenancy cleaning in Sydenham SE26
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We have been able to pass the independent inspections and the checkout reports from some of the most prestigious estate agencies in London.

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In a rush to get a quote?

We offer a variety of options for you to contact us and get an amazing offer for the cleaning service you need. Use our live chat option if you're unable to talk over the phone or shoot us an email at this address. Ideally you could call and ask our customer care associate on additional discounts and get a slot booked the fastest.